Courthouse Casanova

Today I was put in a funnily difficult situation. I appeared for a client on a violation of probation. It was petty, he wasn’t paying the fine he was supposed to and had missed two appearances in front of his probation officer.

Now my client is a great guy…let’s call him “Frankie.” Frankie is a smooth talking, nice dressing, charismatic dude. Has a legitimate business, lots of friends, and has steered a lot of business my firm’s way over the years. He did something in the courthouse I have yet to see a defendant do before.

He hit on a prosecutor, right in front of me.

Now, only ten or fifteen minutes prior while we were talking in the hall before we went in for his hearing, he got the phone number of a girl waiting for the elevator. Seriously, he just walked over to her, smiled, said some things so softly that even though I was standing ten feet away from him, I couldn’t hear it. Then she smiled and gave him her number.

After the probation hearing (recommitted to probation and a tsk-tsking from the judge), we were standing in front of the bank of elevators at 26th and California. Two attractive young prosecutors, one white and one black, are standing about 15 feet away from us. Frankie leans over, elbows me and says in a completely audible voice, “Hoo boy, she sure is beautiful, isn’t she?”

Both of the prosecutors stare at me. I’m screwed. Do I say yes? No? Smile? High five him? I laughed and nodded and turned around. Frankie kept going!

“Sorry ma’am, I’m just letting you know, you are quite beautiful.” Neither prosecutor reacts, they just stare at him, and presumably at the back of my head. The elevator dings and they get on, going up, we get on a different one going down.

I have seen plenty of my clients get phone numbers in the courthouse, usually from girls they already know, other times just from sheer force of will. Frankie set the bar high today, though, for future courthouse Casanovas. The only way to top it, would have been to get that number.


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