Can’t Make This Up

A short list of amusing courtroom anecdotes.

Today I was at 51st and Wentworth felony preliminary hearing court. The clerk called out the name of a gentleman with a case…”Brown, Cleveland!” Seriously. The whole front row of cops snickered.

At a sentencing in Rolling Meadows, two 18-year-olds charged with trespass to a vehicle (a nice way of saying “breaking into cars”). They each have a juvenile bust and are there with their parent(s). The judge asks them if they have anything to say before he sentences them. Warning! Usually, unless you are truly well spoken, or at least, truly sincere, just don’t say anything, not on a minor crime. One of the kids says “This is the stupidest shit I have ever done.” The judge snaps back “No it’s not, that was the first time. This is just you not getting the picture.”

Last, a fashion tip to the ladies. Do not come to court wearing stripper heels. I saw a young lady teetering about in 4-inch lucite heels the other day. Nothing good will come of that.


One response to “Can’t Make This Up

  1. Michelle Thomas

    Funny stuff!

    Speaking of funny names…I use to work over at child protection division. One lady had about 7 kids, all of them named after a high end congnac. The kids were doomed at birth. Can you imagine having to put Remy Martin at the top of your resume?LOL!

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