Transvestite Bank Robber Masked?

I’m just rolling this one around in my head.

A man robbed a bank a few days ago in Park Ridge while wearing a dress.

Now, according to the article, at gunpoint he ordered two employees to empty a safe and herded them into a bathroom where he flex tied them and then left. He was reported to be wearing a dress and a big pink floppy hat.

What I think is clever about this is that he may not, for the purposes of the statute, be disguised. Generally, most state statutes for aggravated assault (threatening someone with a gun) while disguised (such as wearing a mask, hood, bandanna) is an enhancement, i.e. you get in more trouble. But here, he didn’t cover his face, he just dressed like a woman. Presumably, you would still be able to pick him out of a line up.

Speaking of which, would a fair line up have all the people in it dressed in drag?


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