Cocaine and Baking Soda – What’s the Difference?

If you’re caught selling either as cocaine, nothing.

I have a lot of clients caught selling cocaine that insist that it was just baking soda, so they’re not breaking the law. Unfortunately for them, they are. See, they’re selling a “lookalike” drug and it’s the same thing. In fact, if I sell NoDoz pills as speed, and your customers think it’s speed, it doesn’t matter, you’re selling illegal drugs.

The difference lies in your intent. If you are trying to sell drugs, whether they are actually illegal or not, your intent is to make people believe you have drugs. If your intent is to get messed up on drugs, then possession of things that aren’t drugs is not a crime. If you BUY drugs but they aren’t drugs, you’re a sucker, but not a criminal.

I have mentioned before why possession of baking soda will screw you. But remember the lesson there. My client was found NOT GUILTY of having drugs on him, but was put into deportation proceedings because he was arrested.

The Illinois Controlled Substances Act makes it clear, if you sell a “look a like” substance, you are in just as much trouble as selling the real thing. Will it make a difference to a prosecutor? Sure. If you’re actually selling baking soda, the deal offered to you will be better than if you’re selling cocaine. Probably because you can’t sell a lot of baking soda before your customers catch on.

On the other hand, it’s the “analog substances” where it gets tricky. See, if you can sell something that gets you “high” but doesn’t have the chemical make up of the drug “cocaine” or “LSD” then you technically may not have broken the law, then maybe you could get around the law. Well, you can’t, at least, not easily. In fact, if you are selling an “analog” of a drug, which means “something like it, but not exactly” you are still going to get in trouble. Aspiring chemists and those seeking to skirt the law? The government still has your number.


One response to “Cocaine and Baking Soda – What’s the Difference?

  1. And, of course, you might want to start watching your back if you’re selling “lookalike” drugs. Street justice can be brutal.

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