Types of Bonds in Chicago and Why You Won’t Walk Out of Cook County Jail

There are three types of bonds. I’ve gone over them before in in my article on bond court. But an interesting article in the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin (sorry, no link if you’re not a subscriber), noted how a war of words is brewing between the Cook County Sheriff and the judges of Cook County.

The judges of Cook County can issue you one of three types of bonds.

They are the R-bond or Recognizance bond. This bond means you pay nothing, and you just come to court on your honor.

Then there is the I-Bond, which assigns you a dollar amount that you owe if you do not show up to court, but requires you to post nothing in order to be let out of jail.

And last, the D-bond, or detainer bond, which requires you to post 10% of the total amount of the bond.

It seems that a week ago, judges in Cook County issued not ONE SINGLE recognizance bond. Sheriff Tom Dart has been hearing it for the conditions at Cook County Jail which are atrocious. I didn’t need a federal investigation to tell me that the jail is a disease infested hell hole with no health care and a Gladiator style method of internal enforcement involving pitting gang members against one another by the guards and no discipline for abusive guards. What was interesting is how the Sheriff got all huffy when it turns out that the Cook County bond judges (who use little to no time to determine your bond) had not issued a recognizance bond for a week. According to Dart, they hadn’t had people sleeping on the floor in weeks (weeks I tells ya!) but this was setting them back. Never mind that guys are quadruple bunked over at Cook County Jail…

The lesson of the day is, recognizance bonds are like unicorns…rare, hard to get, and fleeting. You’re more likely to put up a few hundred to a few thousand to walk, that’s just the facts.


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