The Danger of Wearing Revealing Clothes to Court

I have far more male clients than female clients. And while my males clients will frequently wear inappropriate clothing, it’s usually because it’s too casual, not because they’re showing off too much skin. However, I have had female clients, and definitely seen women in the courtroom, who are wearing clothes that is downright wrong.

This woman is learning the hard way that you CAN wear clothes that is not right for court.

I should point out that this woman’s experience is one mirrored by my own. I find that female judges are far harsher on female defendants who appear before them wearing skimpy clothes. Here’s a tip. Cover up your breasts and wear a longer skirt or pants if possible. No one cares if you look “cute” in court. It’s not a fashion show, it’s your future.


3 responses to “The Danger of Wearing Revealing Clothes to Court

  1. This is PARTICULARLY good advise for any female who has a case at 26th & Cal…

    I always tell my clients to come to court dressed like they were going to Church with their mother. Most get it, some don’t…thus the need to have a client wardrobe at all times, not just for juries.

  2. I’m told that in Jackson County, Illinois defendants are not allowed to wear shorts in the courtroom, but, the court does have a one-size-fits-all pair of pants you can borrow.

  3. omg i loved how she said that she wanted a different judge NEXT TIME she goes to court. what the heck. shouldnt be a NEXT TIME

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