GPS Trackers on Chicago Police Cars

One of the problems I have as an attorney is proving a police officer is lying.

Technology is great for two reasons. People trust it. Thanks to shows like CSI there is a perception that technology is both uncontrovertable and omnipresent. Second, people assume that it is neutral. Video tape, fingerprints, DNA, they don’t take side, they just present facts.

Therefore, it’s unsurprising to me that the Chicago Police force objects to putting cameras in their cars, as well as installing GPS trackers.

Well, they lost the GPS battle. Now Chicago police cars are ‘pinged’ every 15 seconds to determine their location. In addition, the ping can tell if the car is parked, idling, or moving and how fast, whether it has its lights and sirens on, whether someone is in the passenger seat, the doors are opened, etc. And what are the police complaining about? That they won’t be able to take naps on the job.

The resistance to cameras is simple. The police will be recorded not doing their jobs properly. It’s why when I have suburban police forces with cameras in their cars…they’re frequently “not working.”

This is not a coincidence.

Now, as a practitioner, and to other practitioners, I say, if there’s a question as to whether you think certain cars were either at the scene, or arrived or left early, or you have any questions about this at all (and these GPS trackers are on undercovers as well as squads, I believe), then go to the OEMC on Madison St. and subpoena these records! I haven’t had the need to so, but they’re going to be very convincing, I predict.


4 responses to “GPS Trackers on Chicago Police Cars

  1. As one commentor at secondcitycop put it, “if they were doing their jobs properly, why would they care about the GPS system?”

    Reading that site only confirms in my mind what dirtbags many of them are.

  2. you have a pretty good site. i came over here reading things from nov07. i am glad you kept your site up and running. pretty interesting. i only wish you were telling me things that i didnt already knew or suspect. but i do thank you for clarifying things and confirming what i already bleived to be true.

  3. You like them because they’ll catch cops lying — or abort some lies stillborn. Bad cops hate them because they won’t be able to lie, or spend huge amounts of time goofing off in the car.

    Decent cops will, I’ll bet, hate them for the same reason that you’d hate having your clients look over your shoulder every minute of the day. Not because you’re not doing your job, but because almost nobody likes to be watched closely.

    (And, for that matter, a decent cop might even goof off, a little, from time to time — can’t imagine that he or she would be thrilled if every unofficial-albeit-short break is memorialized in a computer record, down to the quarter-minute.)

  4. I like this, adding cameras and GPS tracking devices to police cars.

    Many cops have an us versus them mentality. I would love that they see cops driving fast when there is no emergency.

    Some cops certainly appear to have a double standard between there behavior and the publics.

    I would love that the records of police activities and driving be made public record and not just for the upper brass. I think their activities may be relevant to many cases.

    Not all cops are boyscouts and I think the presumption that an officer is always honest is farcical.

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