Criminal Law Blawg Crawl

That’s what I’m going to call my link dump from now on!

A Public Defender writes about the same thing I did regarding your freedom to leave. Apparently, in Illinois and Connecticut, when police approach you…just get up and go!

ECILblog (Now with more DUI!) points out the difficulty of spelling legal terms.

Apparently, you can batter a police officer by farting in his general direction. I believe the “who smelt it dealt it” defense may be employed for the first time in a court of law.

Simple Justice points a great magazine article about how journalists may be the first line of defense against wrongful convictions. Having worked for the Wisconsin Innocence Project, I can say that the media can be both a powerful tool and a crushing force for or against your client.

MarkThompson in Iowa City lays out how to do the walk and turn. I took the Illinois DUI Academy CLE course where we learned how to do all these tests…and that weekend I went to a bachelor party in Wisconsin. Needless to say, I tried out all the tests on my fellow party goers…and few of them were able to pass!


2 responses to “Criminal Law Blawg Crawl

  1. farting as assult. and they raised my property taxes her in indianapolis to pay for more cops….thank God that wasnt here. wtf…

    and if a cop approches me i can just get up and go…..heck 9 times out of 10 i am really innocent i’m just happy to get away from the cop by not getting shot or not peeing on myself……the older i get and the more knowledge i get i know one less middle age white woman on the streets really isnt a problem with society.

    journalist being the first line of defense…only in a perfect world. and not many journalists are that open minded to both sides of the coin. one time we had local tv guys coming into our “secured” area trying to interview us army people for an opion about sometype of base closure. (this was about 16yrs ago ) i was a humoungous pregnate hippo. i told them no comment turned my back on them and went back to work. i was active duty then. well they ran footage of my backside that night on the tv and kept bring up “filefootage” that was freaking 10 years old. my daughter saw it one day and she said was that you pregnate with me. at that point i called the newspeople up and told them to stop running my pregnate butt. they finally “found” new file footage. now 16 years later i have a new attitude and just wont care. i find it funny to this day that my daughter was the one that found me pregnate on tv.

    the walk and turn………… i got a bad knee from a car wreck 16 years ago. its not too bad to do the manual labor that i do. but, if i am having a bad day…hummmm the walk and turn might be another story. then i got this bad back thats cool about 98% of the time…crawling out my low riding car and doing walk and turn…….lol now the might be funny. i’ve always had sucky balance even back in grade school. my dad made me a balance beam that was 6 in off the ground to practice. last time i used a balanace beam was in basic training that was in 86… walk and turn in 2008…..omg!!!!! i would be in jail trying to call you if in chicago. lol

  2. sigh………when are you going to write more? i really do enjoy your little blog here…..come on and write , write, write………..:) πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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