Light Posting…New Beginning

Sorry folks for the light posting. But just as I got into this whole thing…well, I received a new job opportunity that is going to take me away from criminal law for awhile. I would still be interested in posting around here…so I will, occasionally.

However, my employer is taking over posting on this site, Nick Albukerk. He’s a former Cook County Public Defender and a criminal defense lawyer for 15 years. I’m catching him up on the technology, but it can’t be that hard!

So, for right now, I’m taking a bit of break. I’ll be back, but not as regularly as before.

Thanks for everyone who responded to this blog, and I hope that I helped people along the way.

-=Rob Deters=-


3 responses to “Light Posting…New Beginning

  1. Even if you won’t be going far, I’ll be sorry to see you go. Good luck, Rob.

  2. Good luck!

  3. good luck. wondered what happened. glad it was good news.

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