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Back Into It…

Man, I’ve missed this. My brief foray into a new area of law was…less than thrilling.

So, I’m back. Criminal defense and happy to boot.

I have a trial coming up at the end of the month. Aggravated battery of a peace officer. I think I have a 70% chance of winning. If I lose my client is probably sentenced to probation since it’s a first time offense and he’s only accused of kicking a cop. But he will definitely be deported. That’s not a fun outcome. I’ll keep you all posted as to the outcome.

I also have a client who was picked up in a brawl in a funeral home. He wasn’t brawling, in fact, he was almost a quarter of a block away when he was stopped and arrested. The preliminary hearing for that was fantastic…15 people arrested in the melee, at least 10 lawyers standing along the wall, all nodding to each other “You’re here for the fight? Me too!” and then everyone was indicted. It was a circus.

So, I’m going to be consistently posting, don’t worry!